fun stuff

Fun Stinks

The Elephant Garlic Festival in North Plains is held the 2nd weekend in August every year.   Check out for details

We're Almost Ready

Our New Trailer is built and will be ready to roll out January 1st, 2019

Where Should We Visit?

We are researching locations and 

filling our calendar .  

If you know of an event or lunch space we should check out, please contact us

Hot Wing Sauces

My husband loves hot wings!  

Most of our sauces were first created as hot wing sauces and adapted for tacos

Vertigo Brewing

We are excited to be working with Vertigo Brewing.  We'll be on location serving food 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 3 pm to 7 pm.  See you there!

Love Them Peppers

We love spicy food and it all starts with the peppers.  From sweet bell peppers loaded with flavor to smack you in the face habaneros... peppers are da bomb