Great Food Truck Race

It All Started with a Little Competition...

We were very excited to participate in The Great Food Truck Race which aired on Food Network in 2012.  While Nashville proved to be the end of the road for the Momma's Grizzly Grub team, we showed competitors and at-home viewers alike the true meaning of the race.  Before the team headed home, Tyler told Angela, 

"You reached for your dreams and you succeeded wildly.  You are what this year's race is all about."

If you missed the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, Season 3 (Our Team), 

as well as additional seasons are now on Netflix!  

From Alaska to Oregon

Angela and her husband moved to his home town of North Plains, Oregon in April of 2018.  Angela opened Momma's Grub January 1st, 2019, rolling out in her new state of the art food cart.  

See you out there supporting your local food trucks. Let’s get rolling!